Dekati Seminar in Essen

Dekati organises in cooperation with MLU - Monitoring für Leben und Umwelt GmbH a particle measurement seminar. The seminar will be in Essen, Germany 8th and 9th of April. Seminar will focus on the ELPI+ and other Dekati Solutions for various applications. There will also be time for general discussion about Dekati instruments and measurements in different applications.

Conferences in 2014

We will be present in various conferences in 2014. Please check the Events page for details, the page will be updated for more conferences during the year. If you want to arrange a meeting in a conference with Dekati people, please contact sales (a) dekati.fi.

Dekati moves to new premises

Dekati Ltd. is moving to new premises this summer. Our new offices are located in Kangasala 7km from our current office location. Our new address is:

Dekati Ltd
Tykkitie 1
FI-36240 Kangasala

Dekati Ltd. will be working from the new office from Monday the 1st of July 2013.

The move will affect all our operations between 24th of June and 5th of July 2013. Starting 1st of July, we accept shipments only in our new premises in Kangasala.

All our phone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged.


Fine Particle Measurement Instruments


Dekati provides Fine Particle Measurement instruments for a wide range of different measurement needs. You can find details of the Dekati products for fine particle concentration and size distribution measurements here.

Aerosol Dilution and Conditioning

Dekati Ltd. has a comprehensive selection of aerosol dilution and conditioning instruments from simple pre-cut devices to computer controlled automated dilution systems. For more information on particle sample conditioning and dilution for high temperature and high concentration measurements click here.