Air Quality Monitoring


Unhealthy air quality

Every day, unhealthy air quality affects lives of millions of people all over the world. Numerous studies have shown correlation between particle concentration and adverse health effects especially for sensitive groups of people. Whereas regulated fine particle concentration values in air often focus only on PM10 and PM2.5, a more detailed determination of particle characteristics if often needed to fully understand the link between PM and their effect on human health. To determine the source of the particles in the air, it may be important to measure not only size but also particle size distribution and chemical composition of the particles in the air.

In addition to outdoor air quality, indoor air quality can also pose a risk to peoples’ health as people spend more time indoors. Personal exposure to particles e.g. in workplaces depends largely on the type of work people do and what, if any, protective equipment they wear. Real-time monitoring of the exposure if often crucial to understand the exposure in detail.

Air quality particle measurement solutions

Dekati® Solutions for air quality particle measurements include both air quality monitoring and atmospheric aerosol research instruments. Our aerosol measurement solutions have been successfully used in various ambient aerosol research and monitoring areas for over 25 years and today, our instruments are used globally by thousands of customers both in research and industry to measure different properties of airborne particles <10 µm.

Dekati® measurement instruments are capable of measuring both low and high concentrations, allowing the use of the same instrument for measurements in urban, rural and remote areas. Dekati® measurement instruments and sample conditioning systems provide options for the real-time monitoring of particulate mass, number, or the lung-deposited surface area (LDSA) of the particles, and for total concentration and particle size distribution measurements. Our selection of instruments enables gravimetric and chemical analysis of size classified particles, PM10 – 2.5 – 1.0 measurements and real-time particle size distribution monitoring. Dekati can offer complete measurement solutions for different and even demanding environments both indoors and outdoors.

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Air quality monitoring and measurement system

Air quality monitoring solutions

  • Air quality monitoring equipment for both indoor and outdoor monitoring applications
  • Measurements according to ISO16000-34 and ISO16000-37
  • Options for PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, particle number, and lung-deposited surface area (LDSA) measurements
  • Options for real-time or gravimetric measurements
  • Options for total concentration or detailed size distribution measurements

Atmospheric aerosol research solutions

  • Long term monitoring or particle concentration and size distribution
  • Road side measurements
  • Particle phase state studies
  • Condensation/Ion sink calculations
  • Hygroscopicity studies using the Dekati® Dryer
  • Particle density and shape studies
  • Eddy covariance measurements
  • Source apportionment studies
  • Personal exposure studies
  • Occupational health and safety studies



Dekati Solutions for air quality monitoring and measuring

In Dekati®, we are professionals with multiple different industries and their needs in particle measurement. Dekati® Solutions are the top of our industry in fine particle measuring and monitoring. Below you can find equipment to measure air quality, from Dekati® product line. Browse through the products and contact sales, if you wish to know more about how our solutions could help you.

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