Non-Road Engine Emissions

Dekati® measurement solutions for determination of particulate emissions from engines include both particle detection and sample conditioning solutions. For non-road and off-road emission measurements, we have complete measurement solutions both upstream and downstream exhaust after-treatment devices. The exhaust sample conditions in marine and aircraft engine emission measurements may vary a lot depending on the type of engine, type of fuel and also measurement location.

Our sample conditioning instruments can be connected to any particle measurement instrument and allow engine exhaust measurements from various conditions and engines. For example, our measurement instruments are used both in marine and aircraft engine emission measuring.

They are built for extreme conditions and to stand for the highest standards. Depending on the needs, the possibility for real-time measurement can make a great deal when comparing gravimetric mass in different conditions.

Measurement Solutions

Dekati® eFilter™ for simultaneous real-time and gravimetric PM measurement
HR-ELPI®+ for direct tailpipe measurement

Exhaust Sample Conditioning

EURO 6 compliant DEED

Pre- and post DPF measurements with Dekati® eDiluter™
Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300 for high pressure conditions


Engine exhaust conditioning systems

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