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Fine Particle Measurement

Dekati provides Fine Particle Measurement instruments for a wide range of different measurement needs; real-time particle number size distribution and total number concentration, real-time particle mass concentration, gravimetric mass size distribution, chemical composition analysis and charge size distributions. The instruments are suitable for particle detection from variety of different sources including engine exhaust, combustion emissions, air quality, occupational health and industrial hygiene.

Dekati’s selection of fine particle measurement instruments includes several real-time particle analyzers that are well-suited to a wide range of applications. Our real-time particle analyzers allow particle concentration, size distribution and charge measurements, even at elevated temperatures. All Dekati® Instruments use a single measurement technology throughout the entire specified particle size range.

The Dekati® Gravimetric Impactor line consists of four different impactor models for determination of gravimetric particle mass size distribution. All impactor models are well-characterized, individually calibrated and provided with an instrument specific calibration certificate.


Aerosol Sample Conditioning

Dekati has a market-leading selection of dilution and conditioning instruments from simple pre-cut devices to computer controlled automated dilution systems. Applications for these systems range from cleanroom technology and laboratory use to dilution and conditioning of combustion aerosols from automotive and stationary sources.

Aerosol dilution and sample conditioning is an essential part of any aerosol measurement system. Most aerosol particle measurement instruments cannot measure from different sample conditions and the particle concentration in the sample may be too high for the measurement instruments. A well-designed dilution system not only to reduces the concentration of the particles but also brings the sample conditions to a level that is acceptable for a measurement instrument without affecting the sample.

Dekati has over 25 years of experience in designing different dilution and sample conditioning systems and today our selection of instrumentation includes complete aerosol dilution and conditioning systems, oxidation flow reactors for SA formation studies as well as add on components to existing sampling lines – we can build a complete sample conditioning setup to take aerosol sample from practically any source! The Dekati® Dilution instruments are all designed with slightly different specifications and they can all be combined with different sample conditioning accessories to build a complete sample conditioning setup.