Fine Particle Measurement

Dekati has 30 years of experience in particle size analyzers and complete fine particle measuring systems. Today, our fine particle measurement instrument line includes instruments both for real-time monitoring and gravimetric sampling of <10 µm fine particles or even ultrafine particles. All Dekati® Instruments use one single measurement method in the entire particle size range from few nanometers to coarse mode particles up to 10 µm eliminating the need for complicated calculation routines needed to combine data from several different instruments into one size distribution result. All Dekati® fine particle measurement instruments and systems are designed to be used even in harsh measurement environments and we can even provide solutions for direct measurement of high temperature aerosols.

Dekati particle measuring instrumentation can be used for particle number, mass and LDSA concentration measurements as well as particle size and size distribution measurements. Additional features of Dekati® Instruments include capability to measure particle charge state and possibility to analyze the particles for chemical composition after the real-time measurement. All our instruments are individually calibrated and provided with a calibration certificate.


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Aerosol Measurement

Aerosols are very fine solid particles or small liquid droplets suspended in air or other gas. Aerosols can be of natural origin such as sand, or anthropogenic such as industrial emissions. Aerosols can also be generated for some specific purpose for example coating of different materials with nanoparticles. When measuring aerosols, it is important to consider the size of the particles or droplets and their concentration and choose the aerosol measurement instrument that operates within these ranges. Requirements for an aerosol measurement instrument may also vary depending on the measurement application and measurement location. For example, temperature of the aerosol needs to be carefully considered in aerosol measurements.

Dekati® Aerosol Measurement Instruments are specifically designed for operation in a broad particle size and concentration range and for that reason they are suitable for several different aerosol measurement applications. All our measurement instruments are designed for field use and operation even in demanding environments. Many of our measurement instruments are suitable for direct measurement of high temperature aerosols, and together with our sample conditioning instruments we can offer complete aerosol measurement solutions for even up to 1200 °C sampling. Comparison of the main features of our aerosol measurement instrument can be found in the below tables, more information can be found on product specific pages.

Real-time aerosol and particle measuring systems

Dekati’s selection of real-time particle measurement instruments includes several instruments for particle concentration, particle size and size distribution monitoring. Compare our particle measuring systems below.




Measured concentration Number Number Charge
Calculated concentration Number Mass, number, LDSA
Particle size range 6nm-10µm 23nm – 1.0 µm** 4nm-3µm,
lower cut adjustable 4-15nm
Size distribution Yes No No
Number of particle size
100 or 500 1 1
Sample flow rate, lpm 10 1.8 10-100
Max sample T, °C 50* (180 with High temperature ELPI accessory) 200 50*
Additional Can be used as an ELPI®+. Size classified particles collected for possible chemical analysis Combination of a sample conditioning system and a particle number sensor ePNC™ Combination of two measurements; gravimetric filter holder and real-time measurement

* Can be increased up to 600 °C when combined with Dekati® Sample Conditioning Instruments
** PN measurement in conform with RDE requirements within 23-200nm range

Gravimetric fine particle measuring systems

Cascade impactors are used to determine gravimetric size distribution of airborne particles. Dekati’s selection of cascade impactors includes four different impactors with different characteristics. All Dekati impactors are individually calibrated and manufactures of stainless steel to allow operation even in demanding environments.



Dekati® PM10 Impactor


Particle size range 16nm-10µm 16nm-10µm < 10µm < 2.5 µm
Number of particle size
14 14 4 5
Number of impactor stages Fixed Fixed Adjustable Adjustable
Sample flow rate, lpm 10 10 10 or 30 50-100, adjustable
Max sample T, °C 50* 180* 200* 200*
Particle collection area Ø25 mm Ø25 mm Ø25 mm, smallest particle size fraction on Ø47 mm filter Ø47 mm, smallest particle size fraction on Ø70 mm filter
Additional Can be upgraded to an ELPI®+/HT-ELPI®+/HR-ELPI®+ Can be upgraded to an ELPI®+/HT-ELPI®+/HR-ELPI®+

* Can be increased up to 600 °C when combined with Dekati® Sample Conditioning Instruments


Dekati® Fine Particle Measurement Systems

Real-time measurement

Cascade Impactors