High Resolution ELPI®+ for high temperature applications

February 5, 2020

The High Resolution (HR) and High Temperature (HT) ELPI®+ units are now compatible! All HR-ELPI®+ units can be upgraded to HT-units and vice versa giving the instrument all the features needed for fine particle measurement in almost any environment. With one instrument you now can:

  • measure particle size distribution from 6 nm – 10 µm using one instrument and one measurement method
  • measure particle concentration and size distribution in up to 500 size channels real-time
  • measure directly from 180 °C – no need to arrange complicated sample conditioning systems in front of the instrument
  • choose analysis collection plates and collect size classified particles for chemical analysis or
  • choose sintered collection plates and make long-term measurements without maintenance needs

See more details of the three ELPI®+ versions: