LDSA concentration and size distribution in real-time

May 12, 2020

New method to measure accurate and real-time real time LDSA (Lung Deposited Surface Area) concentration and LDSA size distribution in a wide particle size range has been published by Tampere University. In their study, Lepistö et al. developed a new way to analyze particle surface area deposition in the human respiratory tract using the Dekati® ELPI®+.

The ELPI®+ size range from 6 nm to 10 µm covers most of the alveolar deposition of particles, and measuring LDSA in this wide range has previously not been possible  by electrical methods. This new method can be used to determine LDSA concentration and size distribution in real-time, reliably and accurately in different environments. We are currently working on implementing this method to our instrument software to get this data directly from the ELPI®+adding yet another feature to the instrument. More information about our development will be published later this year.