Dekati® MPEC+™ for RDE applications

January 7, 2022

The new Dekati® MPEC+™ (Mobile Particle Emission Counter) is a portable instrument for easy onboard PN-PEMS measurements. The MPEC+™ builds further upon Dekati’s patented ePNC™ particle number sensor technology. Peter Lambaerts, Dekati’s Business Development Manager has been involved in the development project of the instrument from the beginning and is now sharing his views on the project and the instrument.

– When we developed the Dekati® ePNC™ sensor for vehicle technical inspection devices, we found that the same technology would be well suited for on-road particle emission measurements. The development of the device proceeded in parallel with the development of the sensor. And because the efforts to drive down the cost of the ePNC™, the price of MPEC+™ also became very competitive, says Mr. Lambaerts.

Dekati® MPEC+™ is the device of choice for highly accurate PN-PEMS testing per Real Driving Emissions (RDE) requirements. Under RDE, a car is driven on public roads and over a wide range of different conditions to test real world emissions.

Moreover, Dekati® MPEC+™ is well suited for development and research of any internal combustion engine. It is suitable for measuring the emissions of all machines and vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine – be it a car, an excavator, or a ship. The robust measuring device withstands vibration and is optimized for measuring fast emission transients during driving and testing. The compact device consumes little energy, is easy to install and gives an immediate and accurate measurement result.

The device was launched in September 2021 at the 15th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles in Capri, Italy.

– We had a dream audience as the main topic of the conference was research and development of internal combustion engines. The device immediately attracted interest, and we can say that we have managed to meet the needs of our customers well, says Lambaerts.

This new technology is more user-friendly than the ones already on the market – the device is simple and easy to use and since it requires little maintenance, its operating costs are low.

– We have made products that have been used in a moving vehicle in the past, but MPEC+™ is our first product that is 100% optimized for on-board use. Dekati® MPEC+™ is a plug-and-play product in its category – up-and-running in a matter of minutes, says Lambaerts.

The MPEC+™ is now ready and available, more information see: