New MPEC+™ for PEMS measurements

October 25, 2021

A new Dekati® Mobile Particle Emission Counter MPEC+™ is now available!

The Dekati® MPEC+™ is a compact and accurate solid particle emission counter for PN-PEMS measurements in accordance with RDE requirements. The unit operation is based on the patented ePNC™ particle counting technology combined with a sample conditioning unit that allows direct connection to raw exhaust gas. The MPEC+™ operation  is fast and accurate, and the system has been thoroughly tested and verified in some of the harshest driving and climate conditions to always ensure superb measurement performance.

The compact and portable instrument has been specifically designed for onboard vehicle emission PN-PEMS measurements. Its other applications include ISO8178-1 exhaust PN measurements of off-road vehicles and engines, aircraft PN emission measurements, and marine engine PN emission measurements.

For a full list of features and more information on the operation principle of the brand new device can be found here.