Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300


The Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300 is a two-stage dilution device for taking aerosol samples from high pressure conditions, such as in pre-DPF tailpipe emission measurements. The DEED-300 is designed especially for high pressure conditions, and it always keeps a constant dilution factor regardless of the sample pressure inside the tailpipe. The total dilution factor in the DEED-300 unit is typically between 40 and 60 and it is individually calibrated for each unit.

The complete DEED-300 unit can be operated at room temperature or alternatively, dilution air for the DEED-300 unit can be heated to minimize sample transformations. In a typical setup, the DEED-300 outlet is connected to an additional dilution device or volatile particle remover (VPR) where the sample is further conditioned. This volatile particle remover can be e.g. the Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter DEED-100 where the sample is conditioned according to EURO 6 and ISO8178:2017 standards. If the DEED-300 unit is used together with the DEED-100 system, the dilution air for the DEED-300 can easily be drawn from the DEED-100 main unit.

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Features of the two-stage dilution device

  • Aerosol dilution from high sample pressure conditions
  • Two-stage diluter with the widely used and well characterized Dekati® Diluter as the second dilution stage
  • Stable dilution system for pre-DPF conditions up to 600 °C
  • Always constant dilution factor regardless of sample pressure
  • ~40 dilution factor
  • Can be combined with Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter DEED that fulfills EURO 6 and ISO8178:2017 requirements for a VPR
  • Robust, stainless steel construction