Dekati® Cyclone


The Dekati® Cyclone is an all stainless-steel cyclone that is used as a part of a sampling system for removing large particles from an aerosol sample stream before the sample enters the measurement instrument. Manufactured according to EPA standard 201A, with standard isokinetic nozzles available as accessories, the Dekati® Cyclone is a highly durable addition to any sampling line where removal of large particles is needed. Dekati® Cyclone is manufactured according to EPA standard 201A and provided with a calculation sheet to calculate the cyclone cut-point in different operating conditions. The Dekati® Cyclone is available with accessories for in-stack & out-stack measurements, and with inlet nozzles for isokinetic sampling.


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Features of the Dekati Cyclone

  • Pre-separator cyclone with 10 μm cut point at 10 lpm
  • Manufactured according to EPA 201A
  • All stainless-steel construction allows use up to 600 °C
  • Possibility of analyzing collected particles
  • Provided with a calculation sheet used to easily calculate the cyclone cut-point in different operating conditions according to the EPA standard 201A



  • Removal of large particles according to EPA201A
  • Removal of large particles in combustion aerosol sampling setups
  • Suitable for use in both in-stack and out-stack configuration
  • Removal of large particles in engine exhaust sampling setups