Dekati® eFilter™


The Dekati® eFilter™ is a unique instrument that combines a standard gravimetric filter holder and sensitive real-time PM detection in one compact instrument. The Dekati® eFilter™ assembly includes a standard gravimetric filter holder that is used to determine gravimetric mass of particles in the sample. In addition to this standard gravimetric filter measurement, the Dekati® eFilter™ gives a real-time signal throughout the filter sampling period which allows monitoring of changes in the particle concentration during different stages of the filter sampling. The real-time measurement is made in a miniature diffusion charger – electrometer module and the resulting current signal can easily be converted to mass or number concentration in the eFilter™ software. Since the eFilter™ already includes the standard gravimetric filter holder, it is easy to compare the real-time signal to the gravimetric mass in different conditions.

The complete Dekati® eFilter™ unit is one compact, single, assembly with automated operation. The real-time detection module is battery operated and the PM detection starts automatically when standard filter sampling is started, requiring no actions from the operator. A separate pump is used in the real-time detection module to make sure the gravimetric filter sampling is not affected by the real-time measurement. Since the real-time detection module is replaceable, no complicated cleaning procedures are required to maintain the instrument in perfect condition.


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Features of the particle sensor

  • Standard gravimetric filter measurement that meets US EPA requirements
  • Fulfills all requirements of ISO16000-37 for both gravimetric and real-time determination of PM2.5 indoors
  • ISO16000-34 compliant method for PM measurements indoors
  • Real-time mass, number and LDSA concentration values in real-time
  • Compatible with existing gravimetric PM measurement filter holders and sampling systems
  • Battery operated with internal pump for the real-time measurement
  • Fully automated operation: gravimetric filter flow automatically starts the real-time measurement
  • Replaceable real-time detection module
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Separate docking station with automatic flow calibration