Dekati® MPEC+™


The new Dekati® MPEC+™ (Mobile Particle Emission Counter) is a compact and portable instrument for easy onboard PN-PEMS measurements. At the core of the MPEC+™ is the patented Dekati® ePNC™ particle counting technology, which has been further optimized for fast transient emission measurements. The MPEC+™ is the device of choice for highly accurate PN-PEMS testing in accordance with RDE requirements. The Dekati® MPEC+™ has been extensively tested and verified in some of the harshest driving and climate conditions to make sure it always delivers superb measurement performance.

The MPEC+™ system consists of the Dekati® ePNC™ particle counter combined with a sample conditioning system that allows direct connection to raw exhaust gas. The innovative Dekati® ePNC™ particle counting technology is based on diffusion charging, diffusion particle collection and electrical detection of collected particles. Its patented low-pressure operation provides an electrical current signal that is directly proportional to particle number (PN) concentration. For RDE purposes, the ePNC™ has been further enhanced to accurately measure exhaust particle concentration in transient conditions.

Features of the MPEC+™

  • Complete system for PEMS/on-board engine exhaust PN measurements
  • PN measurement performance in accordance with EURO 6 RDE (EU RDE Directive 2017/1154)
  • Particle counting with a Dekati® ePNC™ combined with a sample conditioning system
  • Fast time response
  • Up to 10 Hz sampling frequency
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • Low power consumption, standard 230 VAC power supply, with 24 VDC as an option
  • Built-in interface and monitoring for heated sampling line
  • Readiness for up to 2 thermocouple inputs
  • Input for external voltage signal trigger to start/stop measurements
  • Dedicated low-loss water separator with optional heating element for use in cold climate conditions
  • Easy user interface
  • Robust, sturdy frame
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • USB-C slot for data and communication interface and USB-A slot for external memory card


  • Measurement of solid particle emissions from vehicles in real-world use (RDE measurements)
  • PEMS /On-board vehicle emission measurements
  • ISO8178-1 exhaust PN measurements of off-road vehicles and engines
  • Aircraft PN emission measurements
  • Marine engine PN emission measurements