Dekati® Smoking Machine


The Dekati® Smoking Machine is a versatile system for taking and diluting controlled puffs with adjustable volumes and profiles. Repeatable and adjustable puffs are important for characterizing and developing electronic cigarettes and other inhalable aerosol generators. The Dekati® Smoking Machine is developed to allow real-time particle mass and size distribution measurements even from single puffs when combined with an aerosol spectrometer such as the Dekati® High Resolution ELPI®+.


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Features of the smoking machine

The Dekati® Smoking Machine is based on a two-stage ejector dilution with active fast-response piezo valve inlet flow control. This allows adjustable puff volumes and profiles such as the bell-shaped puff profile. The total dilution factor is adjustable from 70 to 1050 at 1.05 lpm flow rate. The Smoking Machine is controlled with an easy-to-use PC software.


Applications for the Dekati® Smoking Machine

  • ENDS characterization
  • Heat-not-burn product research
  • eLiquid research
  • Water pipe research
  • Cannabis product research


Downloads and Videos

Dekati® Smoking Machine Brochure