High Resolution ELPI®+


The Dekati® High Resolution ELPI®+ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor, HR-ELPI®+) is an improved version of the widely used ELPI®+ instrument. The High Resolution ELPI®+ utilizes a data inversion algorithm that gives real-time particle size distribution in up to 500 size classes 6 nm – 10 μm. Other High Resolution ELPI®+ features include wide particle sample concentration range, robust structure and possibility to characterize chemical composition of size classified particles after the real-time measurement. The latest addition to the HR-ELPI®+ features is a new Data Analysis Tool software that makes data analysis and visualization fast and easy for the instrument operator. This new tool comes with particle number, LDSA and mass concentration (6nm-2.5 μm) calculations for the HR-ELPI®+.


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Features and benefits of High-Resolution ELPI®+ measurement instrument

  • Wide particle size range 6 nm – 10 μm with one instrument
  • Up to 6 months continuous use without maintenance
  • Real-time (10 Hz) particle size distribution in up to 500 size classes
  • Particle number, LDSA and mass concentration calculation
  • Long-term, maintenance free operation
  • Wide operational concentration range
  • Insensitivity to variations in sample pressure
  • Sampling from up to 180 °C with the High Temperature ELPI®+ upgrade
  • ELPI®+ Data Analysis Tool software for easy data processing and visualization
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Insensitivity to variations in sample pressure and humidity
  • Possibility of post-measurement chemical characterization of size classified impactor samples
  • Each unit individually characterized
  • Integrated flow control and pressure adjustment
  • ISO16000-34 compliant measurement method for real-time determination of PM indoors

Applications for high resolution measurement instrument

The robust structure of the HR-ELPI®+, and its ability to measure in real-time over a wide size range, make the HR-ELPI®+ the ideal choice for various measurement applications. In combination with Dekati® Sample Conditioning Instruments, Dekati can provide complete HR-ELPI®+ measurement solutions for a very broad range of applications and even demanding measurement conditions. Typical applications for the HR-ELPI®+ include:

  • Brake and tire wear measurements
  • Nano-particle measurements
  • Nuclear safety research
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality measurements
  • Occupational health studies
  • Inhalation toxicology
  • Engine exhaust measurements
  • Blow-by gas measurements
  • Combustion process studies and emission measurements (incl. carbon capture research)
  • Filtration efficiency measurements
  • ENDS measurements

High Temperature ELPI®+ upgrade for direct hot aerosol sampling up to 180 °C

High Temperature ELPI®+ is a unique instrument capable of measuring high temperature and humid aerosols without dilution. This allows measurements without the risk of sample transformations even when sample particle concentrations are very low.