High Temperature ELPI®+


The Dekati® High Temperature ELPI®+ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor, HT-ELPI®+) is a unique version of the Dekati® ELPI®+ that enables real-time measurement of particle size distribution from 6 nm up to 10 μm with 10 Hz sampling rate. The High Temperature ELPI®+ allows direct measurement of up to 180 °C high temperature aerosol samples without the need to cool the sample, which makes the HT-ELPI®+ a one of a kind tool to characterize high temperature aerosols. Additionally, the HT-ELPI®+ has all the benefits of the Dekati® ELPI®+ system including real-time standalone operation, wide sample concentration range, wide particle size range and robust structure for operation even in harsh conditions. The use of impactor technology enables post-measurement chemical analysis of the size classified particles. In addition, the HT-ELPI®+ can be used for real-time particle charge distribution and gravimetric measurements. All these features make the HT-ELPI®+ an ideal choice for characterization of high temperature aerosols.

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Features of the High Temperature ELPI®+

  • Wide particle size range 6 nm – 10 µm with one single instrument and one measurement method
  • Real-time (10 Hz) data on particle number, active surface and mass concentration and size distribution
  • Enables also measurement of particle charge size distribution
  • 14 particle size fractions, 500 with optional High Resolution ELPI®+ software
  • Temperature range 10-180 °C allowing direct measurement of high temperature aerosols
  • Possibility to collect size classified particles for chemical analysis using analysis collection plates
  • Possibility for long-term maintenance free measurements with sintered collection plates
  • Wide operational concentration range
  • Two integrated temperature controllers
  • 1.5 m heated sampling line provided with the unit and temperature controlled with the secondary integrated digital control unit
  • Improved sensitivity as no dilution systems are needed
  • Insensitivity to variations in sample pressure
  • Several data saving options including analogue inputs and outputs

Applications for high temperature particle measurement

High Temperature ELPI®+ is a unique instrument capable of measuring properties of high temperature aerosols without dilution or a sample conditioning unit. This enables accurate measurements without the risk of sample transformations and even when sample particle concentrations are very low. Typical applications for the HT-ELPI®+ include:

  • Combustion process studies and emission measurements
  • Development and optimization of stationary source emission cleaning devices
  • Development of engine emission after-treatment devices
  • On-board engine emission measurements
  • Blow-by gas emission measurements
  • Particle transformation studies and general particle research


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